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Service is our business,
Tires are the priority!

At Traction Industrial Tire we will work hard to earn your business through our quality products, competitive pricing and above all else, our dedication to service.


 Traction Industrial Tire Material Handling
Material Handling

Find the right forklift tires to match your material handling requirements and budget.

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 Tires for your loaders, graders, and industrial equipment
Construction Equipment

Traction Industrial Tire offers many tires for your skid steer, loader or tractor requirements.

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Traction Industrial Tire Can Help Manage Your Material Handling Fleet
Fleet Surveys

Let the experts take care of your tires!
Utilizing our specialized equipment and skilled technicians, we will determine your forklift tires life span with a fleet survey. In return for your answers to a few questions, we can recommend the proper maintenance options, how much you can save in budgeting for volume purchasing and whether or not you need new tires now or later.

Contact us today for more information on fleet surveys!

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Take advantage of our mobile tire press truck
On-Site Service

Stay on schedule even with a flat tire!
Let our self-contained mobile press truck fix your forklift tire while you keep the work going. Our team will come to you to a fix a flat or replace it so you don’t have to lose time or money while on the job. We have the skills and equipment to get the job done, so you can focus on keeping your crew and work on schedule.

Contact us for an on-site service repair today!

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Used Tire Regroove at Traction Industrial Tire
Retreading & Grooving

Save time, money and fuel with retreading and grooving!
Traction Industrial Tire can bring any tire back to Original Equipment (OE) specifications. Our technicians are trained in two treatments: retreading and grooving. No matter which your forklift tire needs, we can do the job while also saving you time and money.

Do you have a tire in need of retreading or grooving?
Contact us for more information!

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Let Traction Industrial Tire Maintain Your Material Handling Equipmen
Shop Services

We can fix a forklift tire no matter the size!
We can do all our services in shop at our North Canton location. Is your tire larger than normal to press or mount on site? No problem! From repairing flats and installation to grooving and performing fleet surveys, our skilled technicians know just what to do for forklift tires of any size, brand and tread.

Traction Industrial Tire does more than just sell tires, so contact us for all our services!

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Working with top brand tire manufactures, we're confident we have the right tires to meet your specific needs! Give us a call at (234) 401-9209.