Fleet Surveys

Did you know that your forklift tires last longer than you might think?
Traction Industrial Tire has the equipment and skilled technicians to determine future maintenance recommendations and how long your forklift tires have left to live before purchasing new ones. Our inspections, or fleet surveys, include: tire sizes, tire brands being used, the damage to the tire and the wear/life of the tire.

Fleet surveys are a way to plan for budgeting, volume purchasing and provide insight for maintaining proper forklift tire application. All you need to do is provide the following:

  • The type of floor your tires are used on
  • If the tires are used indoors or outdoors
  • How heavy the loads are on the machine the tires are utilized for
  • The distance traveled with or without loads
  • And if debris or chemicals are present

Interested in a fleet survey for your forklift tires?
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