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Service is our business!
Tires are the priority!

At Traction Tire we will work hard to earn your business through our quality products, competitive pricing and above all else, our dedication to service.


Fleet Surveys

Customers application inspection
Type of floor, indoor/outdoor, loads, distance with or without loads, debris or chemicals present

Tire inspection on equipment 
Tires sizes, tire brands being used, damage to tire, wear/life of tire
Planned maintenance (when should customer change their tires?)

Problem solving
Having problems? We can solve it!

Tire solutions
Type of tire recommended
Brand of tire recommended

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On-Site Service
  • New tire installation on site
  • Flat tire repair on site
  • Mobile tire press truck providing new tire installation on site
  • Self contained mobile press truck - we have what we need to get the job done
  • Save equipment down time by having us bring the service to you
  • Technicians trained to remove and replace tires from equipment

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Retreading & Grooving
  • Building customer supplied used tire core back to OE specifications using premium compounds
  • Grooving bald tires (cutting new tread into a tire that still has wearable rubber left)
  • adhesion of a molded tread cap to customers used tire core

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Let Traction Industrial Tire Maintain Your Material Handling Equipmen
Shop Services
  • You can bring your tires to our shop
  • Tires too large to press or mount on site. 

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Working with top brand tire manufactures, we're confident we have the right tires to meet your specific needs! Give us a call at (234) 401-9209.