Trelleborg Premia is the reliable solution for all your materials handling needs.

  • Premium tire designed for demanding materials handling environments
  • Excellent heat resistance which results in less risk of premature failures/li>
  • Square footprint reduces uneven wear to extend the life of the tire

Premia solid tires are designed for long lasting performance. The square footprint provides even wear and increased stability. The advanced compounding and premium natural rubber combines to create a tire that has excellent heat resistance resulting in a longer tire life.

Available Compounds

Standard Black – Designed to run on both internal combustion and electric trucks.

Non-Marking – A high performance non-marking compound for use in applications where floor care is essential.

Special Compounds – Our compounding expertise allows us to offer a wide range of compounds. Please contact us for more details.

Working with top brand tire manufactures, we're confident we have the right tires to meet your specific needs! Give us a call at (234) 401-9209.