SK-900 Non Directional

The SK-900 ND is designed for maximum performance on concrete, asphalt and other hard surfaces.

Trelleborg’s pneumatic offering includes the SK-900 ND (Non Directional) premium tire for use in heavy duty applications.

  • Deeper tread than a standard skid steer tire for better wear
  • Flat profile with reinforced sidewalls for maximum protection
  • Tread design pulls equally when going forward or in reverse
Technical Data
Size Ply Rating Rim Tire O.D.
Section Width
Tread Depth [mm] Inflation Pressure [bar] Load Capacity @ 10 km/h
10-16.5 10 8.25-16.5 773 264 27 5,2 2135 33,9
12-16.5 12 9.75-16.5 831 305 33 5,5 2865 42,4

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